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Signed Limited Edition Giclee Prints
(Prints on Canvas)

All Ears

6666 Ranch Legend

Tied to the Past

Up Out of the Dust

Reflections of a Cowboy

At Your Service

Sticking Close

Ride at Your Own Risk

Range Bouquet

Sound of Hoofbeats
Rimrock Drive

String of Colts
Extra Mounts
Braggin' on their Horses

Snackin and Nappin

Close to Camp

Plenty of Horse Power
Cow Works

Slowing the Pace

Signed Limited Edition Prints


Up Out of the Dust

Her Backyard

Best of Friends

Along the Trail
All's Well on the Range




The Two Strays

Cowboy Dream
The Main Herd

A Time to Rest

Desert Shade

Winter Arrival


Secondary Market Signed Limited Edition Prints
(Sold Out from Publisher, Limited Avalibility)

Fit to be Hitched
The Water Hole
In the Lead
Winter Stage
The Hitchiker
Nature's Blessing
The New Born
Royal Breed
Mohair Country
A Little Attention
Her Gift
Cowboy Camp
Bedded Down
Her Tender Loving...
Limpia Creek Crossing
Range Baby
When Sunshine...
Lazy Summer Days
Two Jumps Ahead...
Wash Day (pair)
Goat Keeper (pair)
Her Pride and Joy
Rich Heritage
Apple Jack
Side by Side
On the Shy Side
Refreshing Morn
Frisky Filly
Frosty Morn

Waiting for the Wind
Her Pride
Hiding Out

Country Girl
2004 - Wayne Baize